Welcome !

Welcome !


This is a truly exciting day for the both of us because we're finally launching the Let's Role website !

For now it's just a landing page and a devblog but it's a huge strep nonetheless. And since this is our very first post on this blog, allow me to introduce ourselves. We are a team of two people, both passionate about roleplaying and eager to create the easiest, most user friendly platform possible. That's a big goal but we have experience and are confident we can achieve it. The way we work is easy, I'm Benoit "ExServ" and I'm the one on the front line, writing these posts and in charge of communicating. The mastermind behind Let's Role is Jonathan "Hijopr", who's responsible for the platform development and programming. He's not the kind to get under the spotlight and prefer to watch things from a safe distance, hidden in the shadows. Incidentally, he's been a game master for decades and I think that's why he likes acting as a puppetmaster so much.

You're probably eager to learn a little bit more about Let's Role and we are happy to share some basic informations about the platform. As of today, it has been under development for the last five months and our roadmap puts us right on time for an alpha during the summer. When we first set the foundation of the platform, we brainstormed together and with a group of seasoned roleplayers in order to get a rough picture of where we want to go. We had a lot of ideas and while most of them are doable, we had to prioritize and make sure all the core features are perfect before thinking about the future. We made a clear roadmap of where to go and what to do first, so we're confident enough to say that we'll launch a closed alpha during the summer.

Its goal will be to gather feedbacks and let you enjoy all the basic features, that means : creating your character, creating or joining a session and play with others. You'll be able to chat, use emojis, roll 3d dices, use rulers to plan your next moves and freely edit your character during the session. On the gamemaster side of things, our scene manager is already well advanced and allows to drag & drop images or video, apply a grid on top of it and customize all the metrics of the scene. Whether you're using inches, miles, meters or even light years (why not ?), it's super easy to create and edit scenes. We're using a layer system to make sure you can hide things or create complex scenes with tons of assets like trees, rocks and whatnot. The tool is very powerful as they say, sky is the limit.

After that, the next big goal will be to get ready for the open beta of Let's Role. We'll talk a lot more about it in the coming months so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest informations about the platform. Periodically, we'll introduce specific features of the platform on our devblog. There's a ton of them and I'll talk briefly about one I find very exciting : the Journal. It's a powerful and flexible tool where you keep track of your adventures : you can create notes, add images, drawings and anything you deem useful. Not only it's super useful, but we designed it in a way that allow multiple people to edit and access the content at the same time, all in real time ! For example, let's say your gamemaster just gave your party a important piece of information, a magic scroll, an antique piece of parchment or a suspicious flash drive, he or she just has to drag & drop the asset to the Journal and everyone instantly can access it. And there's more : you can access it at anytime and browse all the content stored in it using a powerful search engine.

With Let's Role, our goal has been from the start to take advantage of everything the technology has to offer and make it available, for free, to everyone. We love role playing games but we can't always play in real life with our friends but that doesn't mean virtual table top gaming has to be less exciting. That's it for today's post, we can't thank you enough for sharing these early days of the project with us. To stay in touch, subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter or even join us on the Discord server. See you soon !

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