The first month of the Let's Role's Alpha has come to an end, and it was awesome! Hundreds of hours played by our alpha testers, lots of debugging, and some critical features implemented! But we are far from being done yet, so here's what we will do in the following weeks and months.

We are entering the fourth week of Alpha, and, once again, quite a lot of people registered through the latest round of invitations! They have sent a lot of bug reports and suggestions! On our side, we focused on shipping the content crafting feature.

Avec la troisième semaine d'Alpha arrive le Content Crafting : un moyen simple de créer des Monstres, PNJ, Sorts, etc. Voici un guide rapide de cette nouvelle fonctionnalité.

The second week of the Alpha went great, with even more people registering than the first week! We fixed some bugs and added some features while working on the next big thing : content crafting! We also decided we should not close the Alpha too soon, see more about that below. We're thus sending a third and last - for now - batch of invitations.

The first week of alpha testing has ended ! About a hundred people registered, and things went very smoothly. We didn't suffer any critical bugs or failures!