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Hi everyone ! It's been nearly a month since we launched the website for Let's Role, we're still in first gear regarding social media presence and devblog posts but here's some informations about the platform we're excited to share today. First thing we wanted to discuss is our business model : we said that Let's Role will be free for everyone and we mean it.

Free to play tabletop for everyone

We've thought about various way to sustain the platform and we believe that tabletop roleplaying is something anyone and everyone should be able to enjoy. This means that every feature, every aspect of Let's Role will be available for free : you can create a character using any set of rules (taken from popular games like Dungeon & Dragons for example), create your table and editing it right away. Once you've created a table, an invite link will be generated for you to gather your friends and start playing right away. There's no subscription plan, no premium account and we plan to sustain the platform with a microtransaction based shop.

Since we're confident about the technology we're using for Let's Role, we want to offer people a way to spice up their tabletop games by using customised dices, dice roll effects, animated auras for your character token and much much more. Since our platform allow the use of video, we're planning to partner up with various artists who are creating animated dungeon maps for you to use. We have a lot of ideas about these microtransactions and while we're not ready to share any information about pricing yet, we wanted to let you know our vision for Let's Role.

This model is of course inspired by the free to play model you probably already know in video games. A good way to do free to play is to limit microtransactions to cosmetic items and/or effects, which is for us a way to give everyone free access to Let's Role while sustaining it. One thing we strongly believe is that tabletop gaming is about sharing great moments with friends, so you'll also be able to gift items to your friends. We'll share some of these items later this year, as for now we're dedicated to making Let's Role the best platform we can.

Some key features of Let's Role

There's dozen of features currently in development for Let's Role and each month we'll share a little bit more about some of these. One thing we decided really early in this project is that we want Let's Role to be for everyone. That means free access but also a user friendly website and easy to use tools, both for players and game masters. The first thing you'll be doing when joining Let's Role is create a character and that can be done from the website. Your character sheet can be edited from the website or during a game, which means that you can easily look something up your character sheet while not playing.

Need to check your rule book about your characters next level ? You can change its statistics, skills, weapons or equipment easily from the website, without launching your game. This feature gets really cool because you can also easily clone your character sheet or even use the same character on different tables. A character sheet on Let's Role is not tied to a specific table but with your user account. It's really easy to sort your characters, set some as your favourites and when the time comes for you to bid farewell to one of your avatar, you'll be able to retire them in the Pantheon.

Like we said, we want everything to be easy and user friendly and that applies to game masters as well. Managing a table and creating scenes can be tedious, so we created tools to help you keep track of your games. Inspired by popular softwares, we use a layer system to keep track of every element in a scene. You have your background layer, a specific layer for all your non player characters and you can add as many layers as you see fit. It's also easy to make any layer invisible, or only to the game master, so you can make anything appear in a flash during the heat of the battle. You can also choose to lock a layer, rename it and sort it out using drag & drop. Even if you're not familiar with this kind of tool, we'll provide a brief tutorial when you create your first table to help you out. And if you forget something along the way, you can of course do the tutorial as many times as needed.

Let's Role... some dices

Please forgive the pun, we just love our name. Anyways ! Rollin dices is one of the core concept of tabletop role playing game and playing them on a virtual tabletop still need some randomness. Early on we noticed that computers are really good at crunching numbers, so good that our dice roll tester is up and running for you to try it !

There's a lot of things going on this tool, most of them I don't understand, but that's why I write these posts and Jonathan handles the coding side of things. You can do math of course but also add arguments to sort resultats, compare them and keep only the highest or lowest results. Since you'll be doing a lot of these when Let's Role comes out, we wanted to let you give it a try early on and if you have any feedback, please join our discord server right away.

The dice roll tester

Our Discord server

What's next ?

That's it for today but we're still hard at work, to give you a glimpse of our roadmap we are currently working on the design side of thing and improving user experience. On the developing side, we're still confident we'll be able to launch a closed alpha in the coming months. If you want to have a chance to participate in this early stage of Let's Role, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter : https://lets-role.com/

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