Let's Role Alpha - November

Let's Role Alpha - November


Even though we've been a bit quiet during the month of November, the development of Let's Role has kept going ! Here's a quick overview of the recent changes that happened in the past month.


It is now possible to draw various shapes on the board ! The following tools are available :

  • Free drawing
  • Line
  • Rectangle
  • Free polygon
  • Circle
  • Regular Polygon
  • Arrow
  • Text
  • Point of Interest

All these tools come with various options, such as fill color or border weight. For closed shapes, it is also possible to apply a texture, such as Lava or Rocks; in this way, you can create realistic looking maps on the spot !

Music via YouTube videos

You can now import songs and whole playlists from YouTube, and use them for you and your players directly in the application. We added a Quick Play option so you can play any song you find on YouTube as soon as you find it. Just underneath it, you can import Youtube playlists as they are and play them right away. But you also have the choice to create custom playlists inside Let's Role’s the Music Manager tool ! You can choose your own title, and selecting songs separately from Youtube, or import complete playlists and then delete the songs you are not interested in.

Note that the DM has control over the music, so if they pause/play the song, or change the volume, the players will see the change in real-time.

Bug fixing

The following bugs were fixed :

  • Added a “selection” tool to easily deselect a drawing tool
  • Fixed a bug where text position would not be correctly saved (thank you @Zracoh & @Dyzae )
  • Fixed a bug where closing the drawing tool window would not disable the click as drawing (thank you @Uzz)
  • Color changes are now applied in real-time instead of applying them when the color picker is closed (thank you @Dyzae)
  • Text and Point of Interest are now immediately selected after creation, so you can easily change the values (thank you @Zracoh & @Dyzae)
  • Fixed a bug where players could possibly drag a drawing that isn’t theirs
  • Changes made before drawing a text or point of interest like the title or the content are now correctly applied (thank you @Dyzae )
  • You can now rename a music playlist (thank you @Dyzae )
  • Playlists list are now in sync when coming back from editing a playlist
  • You can now reorder songs in a playlist by drag’n dropping them (thank you @Dyzae )
  • Fixed : Point of Interest images sometimes not loading (thank you @Kerell )
  • Fixed : Fog of War tools would not disable themselves after changing scene (thank you @skeroujvapluvit )
  • Fixed : popin could get out of the visible area when resizing the window (thank you @fenrhir )
  • Fixed a critical bug where reducing the grid metrics too much would cause a lot of drawing to happen, making the table crash. There is now a limit and an error message appears in the chat if the grid cannot be displayed (thank you @Eovius)
  • Added a button when hovering a line in the turn order to remove a single turn-order entry. (thank you @Imastorm)
  • Fixed a critical bug where some people could access table information in read-only mode, even if they weren’t a player at this table (thank you @Dyzae )
  • Fixed a critical bug where a player could access in read-only mode some DM features on the table parameters page (thank you @Dyzae )
  • Fixed a graphical bug where the banner would not be displayed full size in the table parameters.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a journal entry after sharing it would actually remove it from the shared elements in the journal tab (thank you @Dyzae )
  • Fixed a bug where a shared journal entry in a folder would not appear to the shared users (thank you @Dyzae )
  • Added a scrollbar to the left and right columns in case there is too many docked elements (thank you @skeroujvapluvit )
  • Fixed a bug where rolls made by the DM from a character sheet would not be linked to the character sheet, making rolls like initiative not working when thrown by the DM (thank you @Uzz)
  • Fixed a bug where the Fog of War would not get updated correctly between scenes (thank you @Eovius & @Dyzae )
  • Update of the DnD5 character sheet :
    • Replaced the “spell level” tab with a simple selection filter
    • Added a search function to the spells
    • When clicking on a spell, it is now displayed in the chat
    • When clicking on a spell that has an attack (ranged or melee), the dice are automatically thrown, with optional damage roll
    • It is now possible to drop a spell in the quickbar
  • Added a “kick from the table” button to the character sheet popin in-game. This will kick only the character from the table, not the user, who can join the game again if they want. If the player with this character is connected to the table while this happens, they will be disconnected.
  • Removed “dock to left/right” option useless on character sheets
  • Fixed a bug where the same PDF would be uploaded several times in the journal
  • Opened journal pages are now added to the taskbar
  • Fixed a bug where checkboxes in repeaters would not trigger correctly. For example when 2 spells were open and the user clicked on one checkbox, another one would be checked instead (thank you @Gobbopathe)
  • Added a “range” input to spells in the DnD5 character sheet (thank you @Gobbopathe, @fenrhir)
  • Fixed a typo in the generic character sheet (referecening -> referencing) (thank you @Alakokain )

What's next ?

We are now working hard on the new design, and hopefully we will be able to show some of it during December !

Banner by Cze & Peku.

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