Focus: The QuickBar

Focus: The QuickBar


Today, let’s look at a crucial feature that allows Let’s Role to feel easy to play.

As seasoned players well know, in the course of a game certain actions will be repeated over and over again, be it a perception roll, shooting with an AK-47, or casting a useful spell. The Quickbar feature has multiple functions: clearing your screen of that big character sheet, limiting clicks, being customizable at any time and being easy to use.

To create items in your Quickbar, simply drag-and-drop elements from your character sheet on the section on the top of the screen right under your menu. Once they are there, click on them anytime you need and your dices will roll on the screen!

Apart from those common rolls, you may also need to use some pretty specific rolls on a regular basis. The Quickbar gets you rid of typing the formula manually in the chatbar each time! On the right of the Quickbar, you’ll find a + button to add custom actions. Click on it, name your action, its content and formula, and you’re set!

Note that it will be possible to choose who can see your rolls: they can be open to everyone, you and the GM, or even the GM only.

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Video captures were done through the pre-alpha version of Let’s Role. The map was created by Cze and Peku

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