Focus : Textual Auras

Focus : Textual Auras


Let’s have a look this week at a feature that is unremarkable on the surface, but pretty useful during a game.

When you have a token under your control, you can edit it and add a textual aura. To create one, just click on the small menu on the upper right corner of the token, then on “auras”, and add both a text and a color. Save your selection and that’s it! Immediately, your text is displayed and start spinning around your token! Of course, you can change it or delete it at any moment, and everything happens in real time.

That feature allows you to reflect a special state your characters are in. For example, you can show that they are stunned, invisible, or wounded.

It has been inspired by “condition rings” which are very trendy in real-life games these days. It’s mainly known to be used in Critical Role.

Note that later in the development we are going to add other auras, which would present a more visual quality, like circles, icons, etc.

This video capture was done through the pre-alpha version of Let’s Role. The animated map was created by Dynamic Dungeons.

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