The End of Alpha's First Month: What's Next ?

The End of Alpha's First Month: What's Next ?


The first month of the Let's Role's Alpha has come to an end, and it was awesome! Hundreds of hours played by our alpha testers, lots of debugging, and some critical features implemented! But we are far from being done yet, so here's what we will do in the following weeks and months.

New Design

We are working with a webdesigner to totally revamp the design of Let's Role. Our interface will still be as flexible as it is now, but with a delightful overlay and a better user experience. We hope to make this new design live in December.

New Features

In the coming weeks, the development will be focused on launching those features :

  • Drawings
  • Youtube music playlists
  • Sound effects
  • Dynamic Lighting

Once these are live, most of the features we wanted Let's Role to display will be implemented in some way. The last big thing that will remain is the opening of the system builder and then everyone will be able to create character sheets for their system of choice!

New Batch of Invitation

While we are closing the registration to the Alpha for now, we will let you know when a new pre-registration form is available on Let’s Role website. That will happen once the design is finished, which means probably in the course of December.

A Personal Note

I'm now speaking as Jonathan, the lead developer of Let's Role. The first week of Alpha was very stressful, it being the first time people would see and use the application I'd been working on for almost a year. But the Alpha testers were incredibly nice and understanding, and a lot of my worries faded away. Right now, I have found a nice balance between this work and my life, and will try to keep it this way, as working like crazy and worrying too much would not lead to anything good for anyone. I would like to talk more about work ethics in a later blogpost, but for now I just wanted to let you know how things happened on my end, and that everything's good.

See you on the Alpha, and if you have any questions or remarks, our Discord is always open!

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