Alpha - Week 3 recap

We are entering the fourth week of Alpha, and, once again, quite a lot of people registered through the latest round of invitations! They have sent a lot of bug reports and suggestions! On our side, we focused on shipping the content crafting feature.

Content crafting

This feature allows the DM (Dungeon Master) to create NPCs, monsters, weapons, skills, etc., and integrate them in the game. Some of these “crafts” can be used as tokens on the map, like monsters or NPCs. Others can be copied to a character sheet by the DM or a player, like skills, spells or attributes. We’ve worked very hard on this feature, and we hope it will be helpful to both players and DMs.

PDF Upload

Let's Role now allows you to upload PDFs directly to the journal (up to 32Mo)! Like any regular journal page, the PDF can be tagged, renamed, and shared with players within the ongoing table or across multiple tables.

Bugs Fixed During Week 3

Not a lot of bug fixing this week as we were focused on content crafting.

  • Fixed a bug where images would be disabled after dropping them if a ruler was enabled (thank you @Dyzae);
  • Fixed a bug where deleted characters would still appear in the character selection menu (thank you @Hotage);
  • As said above, PDF upload is now available in the journal;
  • Fixed a bug where tabs would not work correctly if several character sheets were open;
  • You can now open the character sheet of a token by double clicking on it.

What's next ?

We will spend the coming week focusing on more bug fixing and making the application more reliable. We’ve also started working on a new design, which should be available to all during November!

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