Alpha - Week 2 recap

The second week of the Alpha went great, with even more people registering than the first week! We fixed some bugs and added some features while working on the next big thing : content crafting! We also decided we should not close the Alpha too soon, see more about that below. We're thus sending a third and last - for now - batch of invitations.

The Let's Role Alpha will go on

After talking with some users and getting general feedback on Discord, we decided that we don't want to close the Alpha at the end of October, as it had been planned previously. Even if there are some hosting costs, the community feedback has been incredibly valuable. So, we will keep the Alpha open for registered users for at least several more months. If you had planned to run a campaign on Let's Role, now you will have the time to do so!

Token's Bars

The big feature of this week is the addition of circular bars to tokens. You can add up to two bars, choose their color, values, and if you want them to be shared with others.

An example of token's bars by @ChrisFly

Bugs fixed and features added during Week 2

  • The layer name is now displayed in the image contextual menu (thank you @PiluleRouge)
  • Killing all nodes when cluster restarts (@hijopr)
  • Added optional bars to tokens (they are not connected to any attribute yet) (@hijopr)
  • Auras are now more readable, by using a solid stroke instead of a shadow (@hijopr)
  • Auras and bars are preserved from scenes to scenes (@hijopr)
  • Fixed : bars and auras can be off-centered when snap to grid is enabled (thank you @Karann)
  • Fixed : an aura would overlap the bars if it was created before (thank you @Luth)
  • Simplification of token contextual menu : we removed the left-click menu, and have grouped everything in the right-click contextual menu. (thank you @ChrisFly)
  • We grouped aura and bars in the same popup window for simplicity (thank you @ChrisFly)
  • It is now possible to un-archive a table that has been archived (thank you @Imastorm)
  • It is now possible to permanently delete a table, from the “edit configuration” page of a table. (@hijopr)
  • You can now change the folder of a journal entry (thank you @nerghull)

What's next ?

We are currently working hard on the content crafting feature that allows NPC, Monsters, Weapons, Skills, etc to be crafted by the GM and used in-game or shared with the players. Hopefully we can make it live soon!

Thank you

We also wanted to take some time to express our gratitude towards all the people who have submitted bug reports, given feedback either on Discord or the community forums, and have shown support for Let's Role! Thank you so much, with your help we can sure build this awesome Virtual TableTop for everyone.

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