Alpha - Week 1 Recap

The first week of alpha testing has ended ! About a hundred people registered, and things went very smoothly. We didn't suffer any critical bugs or failures!

To our great please, people have used Let's Role quite a lot, showing us bugs and telling us what features they wish to be added next. As you can see in the following list, we already fixed quite a few bugs. Now we're sending a second batch of invitations to see how the website will behave with a higher number of users logged in.

Bugs Fixed During Week 1

  • Removed “Lorem Ipsum” from the sidebar of the table managing page (thank you @Seigneur Sauron )
  • Fixed table banners and descriptions that didn't work on the table managing page (thank you @Seigneur Sauron )
  • Wrote better error messages for failed connection attempts (thank you @ChrisFly)
  • Fixed folders that didn’t show up in the Media Manager when there were no media. (thank you @skeroujvapluvit)
  • Fixed: scene height now gets updated when you modify it (thank you @skeroujvapluvit)
  • Wrote better tooltips for fog of war (thank you @BoBo)
  • Better error handling in the node cluster : crashed nodes no longer prevent users from coming in and regenerate themselves (thank you @Yashina)
  • Full page reload on server disconnection, since we can’t reconnect directly anyway. (@hijopr)
  • Discord bot now reloads users correctly (may have to wait about 30s~) (@hijopr)
  • Kicking a user from the game now also removes their characters (thank you @ChrisFly)
  • Uploading a media in a directory doesn't upload it in the root directory anymore (thank you @skeroujvapluvit)
  • It is now possible to delete a media entry if you are its author (thank you @Seigneur Sauron)
  • Journal entries are now displayed right after they've been saved (thank you @Seigneur Sauron)
  • Exotic dices like 1d45 are now working (thank you @aleckelter)
  • Disabling 3d dices in case WebGL is not supported by the browser, instead of crashing (thank you @Laurent)

Whats next ?

We will continue to fix bugs, and right now we are working on adding bars to tokens. Once it is finished, we will try to introduce the Crafting System, which allow GMs to manage NPC, Monsters, Weapons and more!

See you next week for the following update!

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